Police torture, oppression is pushing our youth to the wall: Yasin Malik

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Visits Nowhata, Narbal, Gouripora

Srinagar: Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik Sunday said that Police torture and oppression is pushing our youth to the wall, compelling them to join armed resistance and render ultimate sacrifice.

He said that subjecting peaceful youth to third degree torture and humiliation and putting their families to unwanted trouble, killing them with impunity, celebrating their death and then fabricating a desired narrative through biased media can only be termed as naked Hitlerism. So-called rulers, their police and forces should remember that according to the divine law of retribution they will have to answer for their crimes against humanity one day.

Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik who after his release from Jail yesterday, visited the bereaved families of Shaheed Sajad Ahmad Gilkar at Pandan Nowhata, Shaheed Tafazul Islam at Syed Pora Cherpora Narabal and Shaheed Aaquib Gul at Gouripora Sanatnagar today.

Yasin Malik was accompanied by JKLF leaders Noor Muhammad Kalwal and Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri.

JKLF chairman first reached Nowhata where he met with the bereaved family of Shaheed Sajad Ahmad Gilakar and expressed solidarity with them. Family of this innocent martyr, his friends and elders from the locality narrated the story of torture and humiliation by police that Sajad and his family had to endure from last many years and that ultimately pushed him towards the armed path. They told Yasin Malik that Shaheed Sajad was pursuing peaceful resistance but was repeatedly arrested, tortured, humiliated by police and other forces.

He was released recently from Kotbalwal jail after which he was in the process of settling his life. A day before Eid, he was busy with his job at Jamia Masjid Srinagar and trying to earn something for his family but was held by police from there.

He was shifted to police station where dozens of police men charged at him with sticks and gun butts. They tortured him severely, humiliated him and after beating him to pulp released him later.

Police was questioning him about the killing of DSP Muhammad Ayub Pandit and he told police that he along with many others on that fatal day was in police custody and not present at Jamia Masjid.

After his release he stayed at his home till third Eid and on fourth Eid attended court but afterwards never returned back. Now after killing him with impunity at Budgam, police has cooked up the story about him being the mastermind of DSP killing which is an utter lie and absolutely absurd.

People also told Yasin sahib that various other innocents arrested in DSP killing case are being asked to pay ransom for their release. This condemnable ransom asking is being practiced at many others places too.

JKLF chairman on the occasion told mourners that Shaheed Sajad along with many other young boys had visited him some time before and narrated the horrible torture stories of police after which JKLF issued many statements in this regard. At Syedpora Chirpoa Narbal, mourners narrated same kind of stories about Shaheed Tafazul Islam who is survived by a five year old daughter and who after 2010 was arrested by army and SOG, raided again and again, tortured repeatedly of which he even complained to police once but without any redressal .ultimately torture and humiliation forced him to join armed resistance and sacrifice his life.

JKLF chairman while consoling these bereaved families said that before 1988, youth perusing peaceful resistance were in same way tortured and humiliated by police forcing them to go for arms.

He said that he and his friends is also a victim of same oppression that resulted in pushing them to the wall and brought up the historic peoples revolution in 1990. He said that in 2008, when Kashmiri nation transformed its struggle from violent to a non-violent one, police and other Indian occupational agencies turned back to their old ploy and from Martyr Burhan Muzafar Wani to these recent martyrs the stories of torture and police highhandedness are the same.

JKLF chairman said that so-called rulers who like ‘’Uninvited guest in a marriage function’’ are issuing statements on international politics should remember that their choking space on peaceful resistance, pushing young boys to the wall, forcing them to join armed struggle, killing them with impunity and celebrating deaths and mourning’s amounts to a punishable offense and according to the divine law of retribution they will have to answer for their crimes one day.

Expressing solidarity with the bereaved families of these martyrs, JKLF chairman said that these young boys are our heroes and we today pledge to take their sacred mission forward at any cost. (KNS)

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