No cricketing ties until Afghanistan board apologise, says PCB

The Pakistan Cricket Board are firm on not reviving ties with their neighbours Afghanistan unless their board issues a public apology. ACB and PCB had earlier ‘informally agreed’ to play a couple of Twenty20 games in July and August. However, after the May 31 bomb blast in Afghanistan where 80 people were killed, the series and all cricketing ties with Pakistan were called off by the ACB.

“No agreement of friendly matches and mutual relationship agreement is valid with a country where terrorists are housed and provided safe haven,” one of the ACB official had said after the blast.

And now the PCB chairman Shaharyan Khan has demanded a public apology from his counterparts from Afghanistan. “One day, their chairman [Atif Mashal] met me and was very positive about having good relations,” Shaharyar Khan, the PCB chairman, said in Lahore.

“But next day he gave an extremely political statement about Pakistan, so then we told them that we don’t have anything to do with you. He later did express his regret on making the statement and had also apologised privately. But we, the board, have taken a position that until they apologise in public, we should not be reviving any cricketing ties with them.”

Three days before the bomb blast a delegation led by Mashal met Shaharyar Khan and had a long discussion regarding the cricketing ties between the two nations. The PCB had agreed to play T20 friendlies instead of internationals. They were also supposed to set-up training camps and accommodate tours for the youth and senior teams of the two countries.

Following the blast, ACB severed ties with Pakistan and PCB retorted by calling the allegations against them as “baseless”. The PCB also added that the tour in July and August was subjected to conducive security conditions and stood cancelled due to the continuous “insecurity and instability” there.

The PCB had a big role to play in Afghanistan’s success, especially when they were awarded Full Member status by the ICC and are now eligible to play Test cricket.

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