Militants release cop’s brother in Bandipora, police says investigating the incident

Srinagar: Suspected militants during Wednesday midnight released brother of a Jammu and Kashmir Police constable in Ajas area of Bandipora district. He was taken by gunmen along with them on Wednesday evening.

However, Mudasir Khan, resident of Chawan, Gujerpati Ajas was released unhurt during 12 in the midnight. Mudasir’s brother Farooq Ahmad Khan is a constable in Jammu and Kashmir Police.

Mudasir told reporters that he had gone to fetch grass along with his friend last evening. “A friend of mine was with me and we were discussing something. I came down a bit as I had gone to fetch grass in the orchard.”

“Suddenly, a person appeared there and asked me to come before him. I went before him and asked who you are? He said (my) name is none of your business and come here. So I went before him and showed my identity card. Then they said come with us but I refused and said I have my mother at home who is heart patient. So I cannot come,” the cop’s brother said.

“The gunmen asked me what work my brother is doing. I said he is doing a job in Jammu and Kashmir Police. They said if you require your brother’s life, then come with us, you know we kill policemen after thoroughly looking for them,” he said.

“I was then compelled to go with them, I said if by going with them saves my brother’s life, then there is no problem. I thought about my parents and kids of my brother,” he said adding that one among the two suspected militants appeared Pakistani.

“They were two people including one from Pakistan. They were armed and they took me along and then released at 12:00 midnight. Only one person was accompanying me and he was texting someone on Facebook. I don’t know exactly. He was just telling other person about location and whereabouts,” said Mudasir.

The released brother of J&K Police constable said the suspected militants asked him about the names of villages and did not talk much. “About cops, they said if you would not have come with us, then we would have killed your brother. They would have killed any policeman,” he said, adding, “I told them my brother works in police office and doesn’t wield with gun.”

Mudasir appealed the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti to take safety measures for the families of the policemen particularly those living in remote areas. “The government should think about us. We know duty is important but government should think about us who live in backward areas,” he added.

A senior police officer meanwhile when contacted by GNS said they are investigating the entire case. “We are probing the matter and also what Mudasir has said,” he said.

“It is a matter of investigation whether Mudasir was abducted or taken for some other purpose,” the officer added. (GNS)

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