LeT pays tributes to slain militants

‘India committing severe atrocities’

Srinagar: Mahmood Shah, Chief Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), has paid their immense tribute to the martyrs of Shopian against Indian terrorism and said that India committing severe atrocities. The elderly, men, women and children alike are badly injured in the wake of Indian terrorism. New chapters of atrocities are being observed while the human rights organizations are silent on the incident. The Indian media takes every Kashmiri men, women, elderly and children as terrorists.

In an emailed statement issued to KNS, Dr. Abdullah Ghazanwi, Spokesperson Lashkar-e-Taiba quoting outfits chief Mahmood Shah as saying that India is pushing the oppressed to an extent that the waves of similar oppression that roam Kashmir reach out to Mumbai and Calcutta. The world will then term them as terrorism. But the Indian forces are busy in committing severe atrocities, killing the children indiscriminately. The women are being molested and raped but no one dares to step up.

Mahmood Shah appealed to the Pakistan’s administration that despite India is killing the people of Jammu Kashmir and imposing severe atrocities, killing the young and injuring hundreds, still the mosques, demonstrations and funeral prayers are observed in solidarity with Pakistan, its slogans and flags. Therefore, we appeal to the Pakistan’s administration to take proactive and responsible steps in putting an end to India’s madness and terrorism.

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