China sells advanced missile technology to Pakistan

File photo for representational purpose

NEW DELHI: In what is said to be an unprecedented deal, China has sold Pakistan a powerful tracking system that could speed up its military’s development of multi-warhead missiles, the South China Morning Post reported on Thursday.

Chinese authorities confirmed the technology transfer on Wednesday. A statement on the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) website said China was the first country to export such sensitive equipment to Pakistan. The CAS said a Chinese team spent three months in Pakistan helping calibrate the system.

“The system’s performance surpassed the user’s expectations,” it said, adding that it was considerably more complex than Pakistan’s home-made systems. Zheng Mengwei, a researcher with the CAS Institute of Optics and Electronics in Chengdu, Sichuan province, also told the Hong Kong-based newspaper that Pakistan had bought a highly sophisticated, large-scale optical tracking and measurement system from China. (AGENCIES)

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