Banihal Accident: 08 injured identified, admitted in SKIMS

Srinagar: Eight of the injured pilgrims who have been brought and admitted in SKIMS, Soura, Srinagar have been identified as

1. Chand Pati Devi (Age about 45 years) wife of Silla Matfi resident of Denapore Sultanpure.

2. Satesh Rawal (Age about 32 years) son of Satpal resident of Panipat Haryana.

3. Depakar Dass (Age about 25 years) son of Late Bipinder Dass resident of Asaam Ghawhati.

4. Narish Dudeja (Age about 39 years) son of Shri Om Prekash resident of Laerual Haryana.

5. Sutvinder Tewari (Age about 46 years) son of Radha Krishan resident of Gawalyar M.P.

6. Vijay Kumar (Age about 57 years) son of Sooraj Narayan resident of Sarfa Bihar.

7. Chetan Mishra (Age about 35 years) son of Rajender Mishra resident of Fariadabad Haryana.

8. Devi Singh (Age about 45) son of Durga Ram resident of Shimla Himachal.

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